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Industrial Roadway Paving in Long Beach CA

For industrial asphalt paving in Long Beach CA, El Camino Asphalt is the paving company trusted by business owners and facility managers. With decades of experience with asphalt paving in southern California, El Camino Asphalt has the most cost-efficient paving processes that produce pavement that is durable, long-lasting, and stands up to industrial use.

Industrial asphalt paving requires specific paving techniques and products that don’t always get used on every paving project. Because most industrial roadways are used by large trucks carrying heavy loads, the thickness and layering of the asphalt pavement need to fall under specific parameters. The paving professionals at El Camino Asphalt understand this as well as the weather conditions in southern California that affect pavement.

One of the most important parts of an industrial asphalt roadway or paved parking lot is a properly installed gravel foundation. This stable gravel base will help give the asphalt pavement the strength it needs to not buckle or break under the weight of heavy trucks and large industrial equipment. We recently installed a large paved parking area and a new access road on the AES Electrical Power Plant in Long Beach CA using these techniques to ensure that the roadway could withstand use by trucks and equipment.

If your commercial company needs to upgrade its asphalt pavement, El Camino Asphalt is the paving company to call. With our decades of paving experience and dedication to quality workmanship, we’re able to tackle even the worst commercial pavement damage or help build quality pavement from the ground up.

Contact the commercial paving experts at El Camino Asphalt today for a free consultation!

Milling and Asphalt Overlay in Orange CA

In California communities like Orange CA, El Camino Asphalt is the local paving company trusted by business owners to revitalize commercial asphalt like parking lots and loading zones. Our trained and licensed paving contractors know how to tackle a wide variety of pavement issues with cost-effective asphalt repair methods like asphalt milling and overlay.

If a commercial property manager notices rutting, deep cracks, or broken areas of pavement on their property, they may think that the only solution is to remove the asphalt and repave. Nothing could be further from the truth! One of the most cost-effective ways to improve a parking lot is with asphalt milling and overlay services instead of a full pavement rip-out and replacement. Asphalt milling is a process that involves using specialized grinding equipment to grind away the top few inches of asphalt, moving it via a conveyor belt onto a truck where it can be hauled away for recycling. The existing surface is then graded for correct drainage and textured to make new asphalt adhere. Finally, a brand new asphalt layer is applied with a service called asphalt overlay. Then the commercial pavement looks brand new and can last for another decade!

Milling and asphalt overlay is exactly what the El Camino Asphalt crew did for a commercial property in Orange CA. El Camino Asphalt is the trusted commercial paving contractor in Orange CA because we tackle these kinds of projects with our client’s budget in mind. For this kind of service, call El Camino Asphalt today!

New Parking Lot Install with ADA Compliant Striping in Redondo Beach

A local business owner recently contacted us. They needed paving services to create a new parking lot, complete with seal coating, line striping, and ADA improvements. We were able to send an estimator out to the Redondo Beach CA project site rapidly. After an inspection, our estimator noted the job site’s size and the need for transition sites into and out of the parking lot and we quoted the business owner for these services.

We were able to provide the local business owner with a fully functional parking lot, permitting safe access in and out of his business, without breaking his budget. A couple of days after the assessment, the business owner gave us the go-ahead. We ensured that he had made the right decision in asphalt paving companies, proceeding without stoppage.

Our work consisted of clearing the site, laying out a batch of fresh new asphalt, coating the area to seal it against the elements, adding line striping, and fulfilling regulations on ADA improvements to the lot. We were able to perform the paving work within the day.

The job went off without any errors or issues, with the business owner’s access being unhindered during the work. They thanked us profusely for our hard work, dedication to the project, and timeliness in completing our tasks. They informed us that they were particularly impressed with our attention to detail with striping and lettering and how level and smooth the asphalt was.

Do you want the El Camino Asphalt crew to work on your next asphalt paving project? Call us today!

New Parking Lot with ADA Improvements Near Redondo Beach CA

Properly maintained asphalt parking lots are essential for the safety of everyone in a community. El Camino Asphalt is that reputable asphalt paving company for all kinds of asphalt paving in California, trusted by business owners, general construction contractors, and private homeowners all over California to maintain and repair asphalt roadways and commercial parking lots.

It is easy to assume that a large surface area requires a lot of product and a lot of time to get it done, but that’s simply not true. Fresh asphalt paving services that involve milling and laying new asphalt can be provided at affordable prices, providing a brand-new paved area that is both durable and long-lasting without the high expenses of other companies. Seal coating is part of this process and proper striping and fulfilling ADA parking lot compliance standards to provide the correct number of accessible ADA-approved spaces.

Recently we demonstrated our dedication to quality asphalt paving services near Redondo Beach CA. One of the local business owners needed a brand-new parking lot around their business. Instead of expensive services, we were able to provide affordable rates for the entire process of paving, seal coating, line striping, ADA improvements, and ensuring the durability of the parking lot.

During the paving process, we laid layers of asphalt using specialized paving machines, and then we provided a top layer of pavement in a process known as sealcoating, ensuring the longevity of the asphalt. We applied line striping as directed when it was set, following ADA improvement regulations. The local business owner loved the look of the new parking lot, but they especially appreciated the money they were able to save!

Want the El Camino Asphalt team on your next asphalt paving project? Contact us today!

Asphalt Milling and Overlay Project in Oceanside CA

Asphalt streets are vital for the safety of everybody in a community, and any roadway paving company that works on asphalt streets needs to be experienced, dedicated, and reputable. For all kinds of asphalt paving in California, El Camino Asphalt is that reputable asphalt paving company trusted by general construction contractors and business owners all over California to repair asphalt roadways.

Asphalt paving services can get expensive on a long street. People with an old or damaged asphalt street on their property may think that removing the old pavement and repaving the entire roadway is the only solution, but that’s simply not true. Asphalt repair services like milling and overlay can replace just the top few layers of damaged asphalt pavement for a brand-new paved area without the expense of a complete replacement.

Recently we showed off our quality asphalt repair services in Oceanside CA. One of the general contractors that we work with needed some help. The roadway outside of their construction project was aged and had several areas of asphalt damage. Instead of expensive pavement removal and replacement services, we were able to fix the existing roadway with asphalt milling and overlay.

During the roadway resurfacing process, we first removed the damaged top layers of asphalt using special milling machines, and then we paved the area with a new top layer of pavement in a process called asphalt overlay. The contractor loved the look of the new street, but they especially loved how much money they saved!

Want the El Camino Asphalt crew on your next construction project? Contact us today!

Parking Lot Replacement vs Parking Lot Repair in Orange CA

If you’re considering parking lot repair or full-depth asphalt replacement on your commercial property in Orange CA, El Camino Asphalt is the commercial paving company to call. With decades of experience with pavement restoration, repair, and asphalt paving, we can tackle even the most badly damaged asphalt pavement. With our experience in Orange County and all over California, we’ve developed paving techniques that take local weather conditions into account, and we understand what local property owners need from their pavement services.

When choosing between parking lot repair and asphalt replacement services, the main factor is the depth of the damage and the age of the asphalt pavement. Asphalt repairs can make a broken parking lot look brand new, but they can’t fix deep, structural problems that will lead to cracking and damage later on. If your parking lot is too old, these deep cracks will show through any surface repairs like sealcoating and overlay. Asphalt replacement involves demolishing and removing old pavement and building a new asphalt parking lot from the ground up with proper grading and asphalt paving.

The El Camino Asphalt paving crew performed these parking lot replacement services for our Orange CA commercial paving customer quickly and efficiently so they could get back to work. First, we removed their old, broken pavement, then paved the parking area with brand-new, high-quality asphalt. The parking lot looked good as new, and their commercial asphalt will last at least a couple of decades!

Contact El Camino Asphalt today if you’re looking for this level of service on your next commercial pavement project.

Road Overlay and Asphalt Milling in Santa Monica CA

The asphalt paving company most trusted by developers and commercial construction firms in Los Angeles County California, El Camino Asphalt, recently performed an asphalt milling and overlay project in Santa Monica CA. These services are vital for parking lots and roadways to keep them looking good for longer, and we were happy to help the residents of a new condo building stay safe on the road in front of their units.

Asphalt milling involves using specialized paving equipment to grind away the top few layers of pavement, exposing the layer underneath and leaving a texture that allows for greater adhesion of a new asphalt layer. Applying this top coat of new pavement is called asphalt overlay, and it can be performed on any pavement that is structurally sound. A roadway or parking lot that has lots of cracks, rutting, depressions, or issues with the subgrade isn’t a good candidate, as those issues need to be addressed first.

On the roadway in Santa Monica CA, El Camino Asphalt milled away the top layer and then applied 2 inches of asphalt before compressing and smoothing the surface. We safely routed traffic around the project and completed it quickly so the construction contractors could get back to work.

El Camino Asphalt is the trusted paving company in Santa Monica CA for pavement restoration services like asphalt milling and overlay because we not only have the right paving equipment but because we understand the needs of general contractors and real estate developers. If you’re looking to improve your commercial property with asphalt services, contact us today!


Commercial Road Paving Services

Commercial property owners want to keep their businesses looking good, and the way to do that is with professional asphalt paving services from a trusted paving company. In the San Jacinto Valley California, El Camino Asphalt is the paving company trusted to install and maintain parking lots and driveways, but we’re also experienced in roadway paving, road repair, and commercial asphalt maintenance.

Commercial Road Paving Services for California Property Owners

  • Parking Lot Paving – Installing parking lots correctly the first time can save money on asphalt repair services down the line, but parking lots aren’t the only paved areas on a commercial property.
  • Commercial Roadway Paving – Commercial road paving is similar to municipal roadway paving, but asphalt professionals choose products that will stand up to heavy trucks and industrial equipment.
  • Concrete Curbing – Concrete is vital to commercial pavement in bollards and parking bumpers as well as marking the transition between roads and parking lots.
  • Asphalt Road Repair – When your commercial pavement develops potholes, cracks or other damage, whether that’s a parking lot or an asphalt road, professional repair services can bring it back to full function.

Trust El Camino Asphalt for your commercial road paving and asphalt road repair needs!

The El Camino Asphalt crew has become the leaders in commercial paving of parking lots, roads, and more. We recently performed quality commercial road paving in front of a retail property in the heart of the San Jacinto Valley, Hemet CA. To discover what we can do for your commercial property, contact us right away for a free, no obligation consultation!

School Budgeting for Parking Lot Paving Projects

Facility managers for schools have a lot on their plate, and budgeting for parking lot services can be tough. But their local asphalt paving company can help by inspecting the property and creating a parking lot paving plan that will improve pavement assets for the school. In Southern California, El Camino Asphalt is the trusted paving company for all kinds of property owners from commercial businesses to schools.

Local Schools Save Money on Parking Lot Paving with the Right CA Paving Contractor

El Camino Asphalt has a proven track record of exceptional parking lot paving services, as we’ve completed parking lots for schools in Buena Park and all over California. Let’s go through some budgeting tips for parking lot paving projects in schools.

Factors Affecting Parking Lot Paving Costs for Schools

There are certain factors that affect how expensive parking lot paving can get, starting with the square footage of your parking area. The type of asphalt you need will also factor into the cost, but you can trust that experienced paving contractors can complete your parking lot quickly to reduce labor costs. Another factor contributing to the costs of commercial paving is the stencils and pavement markings that show not only parents and faculty but school busses where to drive and where to park, as well as create traffic lanes and loading zones.

Trust Your Local Paving Contractor

The bottom line is that you need to contact a trusted local paving contractor like El Camino Asphalt to discuss your options for parking lot paving on school property. A reputable paving company will have performed asphalt paving services for commercial day cares, local schools, municipalities, and more. They will know the proper pavement markings and be able to design an efficient traffic flow and parking area. They can also discuss ongoing pavement maintenance, parking lot repair, and other paving services your school property might need.

Ready to protect students and faculty with an upgraded asphalt parking lot? Contact El Camino Asphalt today!

We have dedicate parking lot paving experts waiting for your call! Contact us for a site inspection.

New Asphalt Parking Lot in Buena Park CA

When it’s time for a new asphalt parking parking lot on your commercial property, you may not know, thinking asphalt repair services can extend the life of your parking lot. Deteriorated asphalt is unsightly and dangerous, but it can seem fixable. That’s why you need regular pavement inspections from a professional commercial paving company with experience in your local area. For a business owner in Buena Park CA, El Camino Asphalt was this experienced commercial paving company.

After hearing about our exceptional paving work from one of our many satisfied customers, the Buena Park CA business owner gave El Camino Asphalt a call about their deteriorated asphalt parking lot. The pavement was dry from exposure to UV rays over the years, cracked from water penetration, and had suffered from potholes all over the surface. It was a clear case for full depth asphalt pavement replacement and installation of a new asphalt parking lot.

Our experienced, dedicated paving crew got to work immediately. First we had to install the asphalt for the parking lot, which involved removing the old asphalt, grading and compacting the gravel base layer, and then installing brand new, high quality asphalt on top for a new surface. Next, we installed concrete parking bumpers and performed line striping services to create parking spaces, including ADA compliant parking spaces.

Our new parking lot owner in Buena Park CA thought it looked great! Ready to upgrade your commercial property with a brand new asphalt parking lot? Contact El Camino Asphalt right away!

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