New Parking Lot Install with ADA Compliant Striping in Redondo Beach

New Parking Lot Install with ADA Compliant Striping in Redondo Beach

A local business owner recently contacted us. They needed paving services to create a new parking lot, complete with seal coating, line striping, and ADA improvements. We were able to send an estimator out to the Redondo Beach CA project site rapidly. After an inspection, our estimator noted the job site’s size and the need for transition sites into and out of the parking lot and we quoted the business owner for these services.

We were able to provide the local business owner with a fully functional parking lot, permitting safe access in and out of his business, without breaking his budget. A couple of days after the assessment, the business owner gave us the go-ahead. We ensured that he had made the right decision in asphalt paving companies, proceeding without stoppage.

Our work consisted of clearing the site, laying out a batch of fresh new asphalt, coating the area to seal it against the elements, adding line striping, and fulfilling regulations on ADA improvements to the lot. We were able to perform the paving work within the day.

The job went off without any errors or issues, with the business owner’s access being unhindered during the work. They thanked us profusely for our hard work, dedication to the project, and timeliness in completing our tasks. They informed us that they were particularly impressed with our attention to detail with striping and lettering and how level and smooth the asphalt was.

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