Crack Seal

There are a ton of different reasons your asphalt pavement can develop cracks, including water penetration, temperature fluctuations, the freeze/thaw cycle, shifting, and improper installation. But no matter why it happens, property owners need professional help from your local trusted asphalt repair company.

El Camino Asphalt: Orange County’s Trusted Crack Sealing Company

Has your Southern California asphalt pavement cracked? You need professional crack sealing services from Orange County’s trusted asphalt paving company, El Camino Asphalt. With twenty years experience paving in Orange CA and surrounding communities, we can repair cracks and extend the life of your asphalt pavement by decades.

Types of Asphalt Cracks

To get the most cost-effective crack repair for your property, it’s important to understand the different sort of cracks that can impact your pavement.

  1. Transverse Cracks – These sort of cracks are perpendicular to the centerline of the pavement, usually caused by temperature changes.
  2. Longitudinal Cracks – These cracks are parallel to the centerline and are also caused by temperature changes but also by shrinkage of the pavement.
  3. Alligator Cracking – So called because they resemble alligator skin, these cracks are interconnecting and span over a large area of pavement. They’re generally caused by pressure or heavy traffic.

Our Proven Crack Sealing Methods

The terms “crack filling” and “crack sealing” are used interchangeably, but they do reflect different types of asphalt crack repair. We specialize in repairing all types of pavement damage, so the pros at El Camino Asphalt will pick the right method for your property.

  • Crack Filling – This type of crack repair involves using special rubberized asphalt emulsions on cracks under 0.1 inches like alligator cracks. The filler is applied hot and often compacted.
  • Crack Sealing – Special asphalt sealants are poured or injected into larger cracks, of greater than 0.1 inch, that allows for flexibility while also preventing water or debris from entering the pavement.

Your Local Asphalt Crack Seal Experts

If your asphalt pavement has cracks, contact El Camino Asphalt right away for professional crack repair services! We offer free inspections and detailed estimates for your peace of mind!

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