Asphalt Patching

If your asphalt pavement has damage like potholes or alligator cracking, asphalt patching services will keep you from needing expensive pavement replacement.

El Camino Asphalt are Orange County’s asphalt repair leaders, with professional, licensed paving contractors dedicated to helping our commercial clients revitalize their asphalt pavement. We’ve been paving all over Southern California for over twenty years, so we can help you repair your asphalt parking lot or commercial pavement with exceptional asphalt patching services.

Let’s look at what El Camino Asphalt’s patching services can do for your pavement!

When do you need asphalt patching?

This type of pavement repair is meant to fix problems like potholes or large cracked areas to keep the damage from growing. By cutting out and patching the area of deteriorated pavement, the damage won’t spread to the underlayer and cause more serious problems like shifting or breaking. This saves property owners money because it’s much cheaper to patch asphalt than to remove and replace it.

Different Asphalt Patching Techniques

There are different ways to patch your damaged pavement that are best for certain types of damage, including:

  • Quick Fixes – Sometimes called “throw and roll,” this is a quick repair for potholes where asphalt is poured into it and compacted with a roller. While not a permanent fix, a quick patch can keep asphalt whole over winter or during severe weather until a permanent repair can be performed.
  • Semi-Permanent Patches – Similar to the above method, a more permanent pothole repair involves thoroughly cleaning the deteriorated asphalt before applying new asphalt and compacting it.
  • Full Depth Patching – For a permanent repair that protects the undamaged pavement from further deterioration, asphalt pros will perform a full-depth asphalt patch. This involves cutting around the damaged pavement and removing it completely, down to the gravel base. The base is repaired if necessary, then the asphalt is replaced with new and compacted. This can save a parking lot from a full replacement.

Your Trusted Orange County Asphalt Repair Experts

With experience and dedication to our clients, El Camino Asphalt is Southern California’s premier asphalt paving company. We can ensure your parking lot lasts for decades by providing timely repairs and ongoing maintenance. Contact us today for professional repairs like asphalt patching!

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