Asphalt Paving in Orange, CA Creates Parking Lot for New Housing Development

Asphalt Paving in Orange, CA Creates Parking Lot for New Housing Development

El Camino Asphalt, a paving contractor serving the Orange, CA area, is dedicated to supporting local communities, mainly assisting with multi-family residential properties, including new construction and asphalt paving for housing developments. Since 1983, our commitment to quality pavement installation and repair services has been unwavering, catering to commercial clients all over Southern California in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego Counties.

El Camino Asphalt: Paving for New Housing Developments, Subdivisions, HOAs, and More!

Recently, a local construction company in Orange, CA, contacted us for assistance in a new housing development area. Understanding the crucial need for safe and functional roads for the community, we assured our partner that selecting our team was the right choice. Our paving contractors, as local residents themselves, know the community’s needs, making us the preferred choice for over three decades.

Constructing a parking lot for new construction is a complicated, multi-step process. We started with site clearing and grading for proper water drainage. Aggregate materials are compacted to form a stable base, followed by the application of a binding layer. The final step involves laying and compacting the top asphalt layer to create a durable, weather-resistant surface. Stringent quality checks ensure thickness and smoothness compliance.

Despite scheduling complexities, our experienced paving contractors completed the asphalt paving for the housing development. We adhered to the project timeline, showcasing our adaptability and dedication to meeting deadlines. Our commitment to addressing the specific needs of the housing development earned the respect of our professional partner and the happiness of the property owner.

For quality commercial paving services in Orange, CA, El Camino Asphalt is the preferred choice. Specializing in large commercial projects, especially with HOAs, we offer comprehensive paving, grading, excavating, and repair services supported by extensive experience and a robust portfolio.

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