Playground & Parking Lot Paving in Brea, CA

Playground & Parking Lot Paving in Brea, CA

El Camino Asphalt is the local pavement company to call when you need professional parking lot paving in Brea, CA. Our expertise in managing projects of any scale ensures that our paved areas are beautiful and stay that way for longer. It also means we can handle unexpected situations on job sites. A playground and parking area installation project recently tested this responsiveness and skill.

We were contracted to remove a broken paved area in Brea, CA, and then pave over it again. Because of our commitment to the environment, we’re known for green paving services and recycling and reusing asphalt, so this project was perfect for us. However, once we’d demolished and removed the existing pavement for recycling, we encountered a challenge: a wet and yielding subgrade. This may not sound like a big deal, but a compromised subgrade poses significant risks during and after installation. The instability of the subgrade could lead to shifts, settling, or deformations, resulting in structural instability within the paved surface. Water accumulation further weakens the pavement, exacerbating problems like cracks and potholes.

Addressing this issue, the El Camino crew employed a cost-effective cement treatment to stabilize the yielding subgrade before commencing the asphalt paving process.

El Camino Asphalt: Parking Lot Paving & Subgrade Stabilization Excellence

Our approach to base layer stabilization involved:

  • A detailed assessment of the subgrade’s problems.
  • Rectification of drainage issues to divert water away.
  • Advanced stabilization treatments.

Adapting the construction plans for this subgrade preparation step, we meticulously laid the new asphalt, focusing on proper compaction and preventive measures to forestall future issues.

The project’s success was due to the professionalism of our crew, and the property owner was impressed by the timely completion of the project. Since 1983, El Camino Asphalt has proudly served Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego Counties. We specialize in large commercial clients and handle complicated installation, grading, excavating, and repair services.

For exceptional parking lot paving solutions, contact us today and experience unparalleled expertise and reliability.

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