New Parking Lot with ADA Improvements Near Redondo Beach CA

New Parking Lot with ADA Improvements Near Redondo Beach CA

Properly maintained asphalt parking lots are essential for the safety of everyone in a community. El Camino Asphalt is that reputable asphalt paving company for all kinds of asphalt paving in California, trusted by business owners, general construction contractors, and private homeowners all over California to maintain and repair asphalt roadways and commercial parking lots.

It is easy to assume that a large surface area requires a lot of product and a lot of time to get it done, but that’s simply not true. Fresh asphalt paving services that involve milling and laying new asphalt can be provided at affordable prices, providing a brand-new paved area that is both durable and long-lasting without the high expenses of other companies. Seal coating is part of this process and proper striping and fulfilling ADA parking lot compliance standards to provide the correct number of accessible ADA-approved spaces.

Recently we demonstrated our dedication to quality asphalt paving services near Redondo Beach CA. One of the local business owners needed a brand-new parking lot around their business. Instead of expensive services, we were able to provide affordable rates for the entire process of paving, seal coating, line striping, ADA improvements, and ensuring the durability of the parking lot.

During the paving process, we laid layers of asphalt using specialized paving machines, and then we provided a top layer of pavement in a process known as sealcoating, ensuring the longevity of the asphalt. We applied line striping as directed when it was set, following ADA improvement regulations. The local business owner loved the look of the new parking lot, but they especially appreciated the money they were able to save!

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