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Throughout the years, El Camino Asphalt has established itself as Anaheim CA’s most reputable parking lot and asphalt repair company through a dedication to customer service and exceptional workmanship. And we have the experience to back it up! We’ve been professionally installing quality parking lots and providing professional paving work in Southern California for over twenty years.

Best Paving Service in Anaheim CA

  • Parking Lot Paving

  • Parking Lot Sealcoating

  • Asphalt Milling

  • Pavement Maintenance

  • Line Striping

  • Pothole Asphalt Repair

Why choose El Camino Asphalt
Southern California’s trusted professional paving company.
  • We ensure every pavement job is done professionally and to the client’s satisfaction by having our owners and managers stay involved in everyday operations.
  • As a green company, we reduce waste and pollution by recycling used asphalt to save money and preserve the environment.
  • We have a philosophy of working closely with clients to ensure the best solutions in asphalt paving and maintenance.

All About Anaheim CA

A beautiful city in Orange County and part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area, Anaheim CA is the 10th-most populous city in California as of the 2020 United States Census with a population of 346,824. It was founded by fifty German families in 1857 which led to incorporation as the second city in Los Angeles County in 1876. It is an industrialized city with agricultural roots, with modern factories producing electronics, aircraft parts, and canned fruit. Today, there are also plenty of tourist draws in the Anaheim area, which make it a great stop on any Southern California vacation.

Known primarily for Disneyland Resort visits, Anaheim is a source of cultural and theme tours, many day trips and excursions, breweries galore, and a lot of different forms of sightseeing. It’s easy to hop on the LA Tour and see Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and the rest of the beautiful buildings of Orange County, but there’s plenty of electric bike routes you can take through the area to avoid LA traffic. Multiple parks are in the area worth visiting and other local edifices have been around for decades, including Saint Catherine’s Military School, which has been a cornerstone of the community stretching all the way back to 1889.

Excavation, Grading and Parking lot Paving in Stanton CA for Apartment Complex

For towns in the Anaheim area like Stanton CA, El Camino Asphalt is the trusted paving contractor for all kinds of asphalt paving jobs in a variety of industries from commercial retail to real estate. Our experience in local paving has allowed us to make relationships with other construction professionals in California. One of the general contractors we’ve worked with before recently contacted us for help with the construction of a new apartment complex in Stanton CA.

Many people don’t realize everything that asphalt paving companies are capable of for their valued local clients. In addition to asphalt installation, the professionals at El Camino Asphalt can also prepare a site for building by excavating and leveling the land. This is what we did on this Stanton CA apartment complex project. First we excavated the soil to the specifications from our general contractor, then graded the land or gave it a slight slope so that water can run away correctly. Then we installed a special soil stabilizing product called a geotextile grid; this grid is laid down between bare soil and pavement to make sure everything stays in place and the buildings will be stable for decades.

It’s projects like these that make El Camino Asphalt the top paving contractor in Orange County California. Not only can we install asphalt parking lots and industrial pavement, as well as repair and maintain that pavement, but we can also prepare the site for paving or building construction.

If you have any kind of paving job, you know who to call: El Camino Asphalt!

Parking Lot Paving Tips for Anaheim CA Property Managers

If you have a parking lot that is starting to fade, crumble, or develop potholes, figuring out how to fit parking lot paving into your property management budget can be a pain. Professional parking lot maintenance and asphalt repair services don’t have to be a headache with the help of your local trusted commercial paving contractor.

Anaheim CA’s parking lot paving experts, El Camino Asphalt, have the right paving services and professional asphalt expertise to help area property managers keep their parking lots looking good. Here’s how:

Parking Lot Paving Tips for Anaheim CA Property Managers

Things to Consider for New Pavement Installation

  • Keep the life expectancy of your pavement in mind when considering the initial cost of a new parking lot versus savings over time.
  • Find a paving contractor with experience in your area so that you get proper installation to ensure pavement durability.
  • Make sure you’re installing proper drainage for your new pavement to increase its lifespan.

Timely Asphalt Repairs Extend Pavement Life Expectancy

  • Getting cracks sealed when they’re small keeps them from growing larger and requiring more expensive repair processes like patching.
  • Asphalt resurfacing replaces a damaged top layer of asphalt with brand new, doubling the life of your pavement without costing the same as a full depth replacement.
  • Take advantage of free pavement inspections to keep abreast of the health of your commercial pavement.

Pavement Maintenance Saves Money

  • Keeping up with pavement sweeping and cleaning of all oil spills and storm debris goes a long way to preventing asphalt damage over time.
  • Regular asphalt sealcoating protects the parking lot surface from sun damage and wear.
  • You can even protect concrete with professional cleaning and sealing.

El Camino Asphalt: The Parking Lot Experts in Anaheim CA

Contact Anaheim CAs commercial pavement experts, El Camino Asphalt, for all your parking lot paving needs, whether that’s professional parking lot installation or asphalt repairs. We offer a free pavement inspection to help develop a commercial pavement maintenance plan.


Commercial Paving in Anaheim, CA

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