City of San Clemente Parking Lot Paving

City of San Clemente Parking Lot Paving

At El Camino Asphalt, we offer quality parking lot paving services to local business owners because we care about local communities like San Clemente, CA, but we also are proud to take care of the communities themselves. The City of San Clemente recently contacted us for help with one of their properties.

Parking Lot Paving in San Clemente Upgrades Local Property

At El Camino Asphalt, we have decades of experience in the paving industry, and city officials knew we could swiftly restore their property’s functionality at a low cost. One of their parking areas suffered deterioration, and they needed it completely repaved.

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One of our skilled representatives promptly responded to their inquiry and scheduled an on-site inspection. We discovered that the existing base layer was stable, so we could pave over it easily. After arranging alternate traffic routes, our parking lot paving team got to work. First, we prepared the base layer and graded the site for optimal drainage. Then, we applied a hot liquid asphalt binder layer and compacted it with rolling machines for durability. Finally, we installed the surface layer of hot asphalt and compacted it for a smooth finish. This solved the city’s parking lot problems and provided a durable and visually appealing solution for years to come.

The job was completed on time, with minimal disruption to the city’s operations. The City of San Clemente expressed gratitude for our hard work and dedication to the project, particularly noting our attention to detail. We’re proud to add the city to our growing list of happy customers across California.

Why choose our team for your next parking lot paving project?

At El Camino Asphalt, we have over 35 years of experience serving Orange County with top-notch pavement construction services. We are committed to quality, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Contact us today to experience the difference with El Camino Asphalt for your parking lot paving needs in San Clemente, CA, and beyond.

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