Roadway Paving Experts Rejuvenate Irvine, CA Streets

Roadway Paving Experts Rejuvenate Irvine, CA Streets

El Camino Asphalt, established in 1983, is a seasoned expert in asphalt services for municipal roadways and streets. With over 40 years of roadway paving experience, we’re trusted by more municipalities and commercial property managers to improve subdivisions across California. Our recent road improvement project in Irvine, California, for the City of Irvine showcases our commitment to excellence.

El Camino Asphalt Transforms Irvine, CA Streets with Quality Sealcoating and Roadway Paving Expertise

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In the scenic Irvine subdivision, the roads faced distress from oxidation and raveling, a common road issue. Raveling occurs when repeated vehicle traffic and environmental stressors expose the aggregates within the pavement, causing a rough surface. Because of our proven record of quality roadway paving projects, the City of Irvine sought our expertise to address their raveling roads in the subdivision.

Our skilled paving contractors, armed with over 35 years of experience, seal-coated the roads using GuardTop RoadShield. This high-performance asphalt emulsion, fortified with minerals and fibers, ensures durability and a rejuvenated pavement lasting 3-5 years. We applied two coats to provide maximum protection, emphasizing our dedication to using top-notch materials on every project.

The Irvine public works representative loved the results, expressed satisfaction and extended contracts for various upcoming projects. The success of this road sealcoating project highlights our proficiency in delivering quality outcomes for municipal clients. It’s part of El Camino’s stellar track record serving Orange County with quality asphalt paving, seal coating, striping, signage, concrete work, pavement fabric overlays, and more.

Transform Your Streets: Orange Co. Property Owners, Call Now for Expert Road Sealcoating by El Camino Asphalt!

With a capacity to handle projects of any size, we continue to be Irvine’s and Orange County’s preferred choice for efficient, high-quality, and cost-competitive construction services.

Experience the difference with El Camino Asphalt – your reliable partner in road sealcoating and roadway paving solutions in California. Contact us for top-tier service that transforms municipal streets for safety and visual appeal.

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