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Asphalt Milling Leads to Parking Lot Paving in Orange CA

With over 35 years of experience, El Camino Asphalt Paving has been a trusted name in Orange County for restoring city streets, commercial parking lots, and more. Our commitment to quality, efficiency, and environmental responsibility sets us apart. From asphalt milling to parking lot paving, we handle projects of any size with precision and care.

Paving Project Spotlight: Creating a Safe Space Villa St. Joseph in Orange, CA

We recently participated in a community construction project led by Mercy Housing California (MHC) and the Sisters of Saint Joseph. In recent years, they have been working on the “Motherhouse,” a large brick building that has been the cornerstone of their campus in Orange since 1960. In a move that speaks volumes of their generosity, the Sisters partnered with MHC to transform the Motherhouse into Villa St. Joseph, affordable housing for Orange County seniors and others in need.

asphalt milling and paving OrangeEl Camino Asphalt is proud to be part of such a great community project, so we were happy to take over parking lot paving services for the community. We began by removing the exiting surface. Asphalt milling uncovered a wet and yielding base layer that threatened the pavement’s structure. To address this, we recommended a 5% cement treatment to stabilize the base before parking lot paving. Once we applied it, we paved the entire area to a four inch depth to ensure durability, especially in areas where the existing pavement was thinner.

asphalt milling and paving

We saved MHC thousands of dollars in dump fees and trucking expenses by recommending cement treatment, and the rest of the asphalt milling and paving project went off without a hitch. Our ability to efficiently complete the installation allowed the parking lot to be ready before the start of the spring semester, minimizing disruption to campus operations.

Orange property owners! Trust our team with your next asphalt milling or parking lot paving project!

With our decades of experience and commitment to quality, El Camino Asphalt is your best choice for asphalt milling and paving services in Orange County. Contact us today to discuss your project needs and experience the difference quality workmanship in paving can make for your commercial property.

Parking Lot Repair Near Orange, CA: El Camino Asphalt’s Quality Solutions

Villa Park Asphalt Project - Seal Coat Crackfill and RestripeParking Lot Repair Near Orange, CA another remarkable job completed by El Camino Asphalt’s quality solutions.  In the picturesque city of Villa Park, CA the task at hand involved rejuvenating a worn-out parking lot through a comprehensive set of services, including seal coating, crack filling, and restriping.  The client sought assistance as their parking lot had begun to show signs of age and deterioration. With their expertise, El Camino Asphalt successfully addressed the client’s concerns and delivered outstanding results.

Villa Park is known for its stunning landscapes and welcoming community, entrusted El Camino Asphalt with the vital task of revitalizing their parking lot. The skilled team quickly assessed the area and devised a tailored plan to address the specific issues present. Their comprehensive seal coating process helped protect the surface from harmful elements, while crack filling ensured a smoother and safer driving experience. Finally, restriping the lot enhanced visibility and organization.

Throughout the project, El Camino Asphalt’s professionalism shone brightly. Their respectful approach and commitment to customer satisfaction earned high praise from the client. The transformation of the parking lot left the client feeling elated, as the area looked refreshed and inviting.

El Camino Asphalt’s successful completion of the project is a testament to their expertise in asphalt maintenance and restoration. Their dedication to quality solutions and respectful service has made them a trusted name in the industry. For anyone seeking reliable asphalt services, El Camino Asphalt stands as a shining example of excellence.

In conclusion, El Camino Asphalt’s recent job in Villa, Park, CA highlights their ability to provide effective solutions to worn-out parking lots. With their seal coating, crack filling, and restriping expertise, they transformed the client’s old and tired space into a refreshed and inviting area. Their commitment to professionalism and customer satisfaction sets them apart. Trust El Camino Asphalt to revitalize your asphalt surfaces and enjoy the benefits of a reliable and attractive parking lot.

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